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Aeropostale Files Chapter 11 — May 4, 2016

Aeropostale Files Chapter 11

apThe problem with chic is that too much chic becomes blasé. Said differently, if all men looked like George Clooney, the one that acted in Oceans 11 wouldn’t be all that handsome. Indeed, the word “handsome” would have no meaning, for there cannot be good without bad, hot without cold, delicious without hákarl. So it is that the expensive hoodie company is shuttering the bulk of its stores and restructuring under Chapter 11. Whether it emerges therefrom as a viable business entity remains an unknown: they’ve lost money for 13 consecutive quarters. Still, that’s a lot of employees losing their jobs and, what otherwise might be just another footnote in the totally rad history of youth-focused fashion outlets coming and going amidst the pop culture fight to convince tweens that the name on the front of their overpriced, sleeveless T-shirts actually matters, that just sucks. King Law Center wishes those affected by this bankruptcy filing our best wishes. And also, a shout-out to the Westside Pavilion Mall in Los Angeles, where not only did Aeropostale open its first store, but this author once worked as a bartender in a now-defunct Italian eatery. Keeping it SoCal, then, and to paraphrase Kobe: Aeropostale out!