walkerxThis is all too sad and common a tale. It’s the story of Antoine Walker (aka Employee Number 8), a former NBA player who earned over $108 million dollars during his professional playing career. Now he’s bankrupt. He claims a failed real estate venture did him in. To an extent, it did. Real estate holding companies are risky. He apparently got caught when the bubble burst. Still, operating as an ATM to his friends and family, as he claims, is the likelier culprit. It’s hard to have sympathy when most of the clients of www.kinglawcenter.com didn’t make bad money choices; they just lost work, went on disability, retired, had an unexpected medical expense, etc. Still, this kind of thing happens, despite there being numerous league-sponsored seminars and the existence of many support personnel to help young athletes manage their new-found riches. Locally, Allen Iverson is reportedly in financial trouble despite making loads of money during his 76ers career. It’s a sad story and one that’s too often told, but it’s hard to have sympathy for bad decision-making when I all too often see good folks making good decisions still end up needing a bankruptcy. Here’s to hoping you land on your feet, though, Antoine.