20120570_SAThis just doesn’t seem fair. I understand the American rule, though I’m not particularly fond of it. Still, lawyers are hired “experts” (I’m not sure the state bar allows anyone to call themselves “experts,” but you catch my drift) who didn’t create the cause for the litigation or the bankruptcy. Thus, when they do work, they should be paid…even if they are defending, in court, their right to be paid. That’s what appears to have happened here. Now, I don’t take the dire approach that this is going to somehow curtail firms from taking on clients (or vice-versa); I’m merely tossing in my two cents that says if the cause for the underlying litigation (i.e., a bankrupt debtor or even an overzealous plaintiff) is not the firm itself, the law should not punish the firm for seeking that which it deserves. Of course, www.kinglawcenterpa.com (which is the mobile version of the base website http://www.kinglawcenter.com) doesn’t represent big business nor are we on the side of creditors. So, this sort of thing won’t ever pop up in our consumer-focused practice. But if I see a wrong, I think I should say something.

Similarly, if you see a wrong (like creditors suing you or you falling behind on your debt payments), contact our office today.