downloadWhile The Tipping Point wasn’t nearly as good as Freakonomics, it was still a good book. And it discussed, in Gladwellian fashion, how certain instances, often small, start to turn things around. The Syrian civil war and the broader Arab Spring: see Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouaziz (and maybe even Thich Quang Duc in 1963, though merely as inspiration for Mr. Bouaziz). Anyway, at some point, America will reach its. Some thought it was the Sandy Hook school shooting…but they were wrong. It wasn’t the Colorado theater shooting, either, or the Santa Suit killer, or, well, read the news later and you’ll find one. And, sadly, it won’t be the Charleston church shooting, either. One day, though, something will happen. The national consciousness will shift and we’ll ask ourselves why we continue to glorify the ways of the Old West some 150+ years later. I’m not saying the solution will be easy: there’s too many guns out there to get rid of them. Heck, look at the picture, there’s 100 of them right there, and you can have them, today, with cash. Then you can shoot your neighbor, or a scared girl who knocks on your door looking for aid, or maybe your baby can get into your purse and shoot itself to death. Awesome. Someday, though; someday we’ll tip. Too bad it’ll take a tipping point where lots of people die. But hey, unless 400 Chinese people drown, they don’t enact laws favoring safety, inspections, and harboring a boat during a storm either. So, keep shooting yourself, America. It is, unfortunately, the only way to get us to take this OK Corral mentality seriously.

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